HardieZone System – Only James Hardie fiber cement products are engineered for Climate in northern US and Canada. HZ5 products resist swelling and cracking even after years of wet or freezing conditions. HZ10 products help protect homes from hot, humid condition, blistering sun and more.

With James Hardie siding and trim, homeowners have an exterior that is tougher than the elements and easy on the eyes.

Connelly Roofing can install the finest siding on your home. Hardie Siding:

  • Stands up to storms and harsh weather
  • Water resistant to protect against swelling, warping and cracking, also resists mold
  • Wont be eaten by insects
  • Fire resistant
  • Helps reduce time and money spent on maintenance

Not All fiber cement is the same. The James Hardie HZ5 and HZ10 products contain the highest quality raw materials. Their unique fomulation, combined with innovative product design and manufacturing processes, create two distinct substrates. Each substrate is pricisely engineered to resist water absorption, cracking, shrinking and swelling in the specific region for which is is designed.


  1. Perfect balance of strength and workability
  2. Enhanced moisture resistance for unmatched durability
  3. Increased dimensional stability

Finishing Technology

Primer – A quality primer is the first step to ensuring that the paint color you select beautifully expresses a home’s true character now – and for years to come. Hardie Siding is engineered for consisten, long lasting paint adhesion, even in the most demanding conditions.

ColorPlus Technology – finishes the delivery of the ultimate in aesthetics and performance. Hardie Siding products aren’t simply painted at the factory. Multiple coats of color are baked onto the board, creating a vibrant, consistent finish that performs better, lasts longer and looks brighter on your home.

  1. Superior finish adhesion
  2. Superior color retention
  3. Superior UV resistance
  4. Year-round installation

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